Several activists have mentioned about the problems faced by a dark tone girl/women during their lifetime and have mentioned about how this is one of the many selection criteria people have in their lists whether it is personal or professional.

This starts when a child is young and strangely the people who poke her first are the ones within her own family. Our own family starts to compare the skin tone of  siblings with that of her’s and sometimes these comparisons are so intense that the tender little child heart breaks into  tears, resulting in a major setback in her confidence thereby leading to depression and a fear to face the world!

And this is not the end. We see several advertisements on how to make your skin tone even. But let me remind you…. the promises made to even out one’s skin tone sometimes turns into regret stories—— “It’s not transformation, it’s deformation”

I fail to understand the need for all these transformations/deformations??? We have been created like that— we were never given a choice if we wanted a light skin tone or a dark, for being skinny or being bulky, to have sharp features or normal one.


The grass always seems greener on the other side. So the only thing that will keep you strong,in and out, is appreciating your uniqueness and and a sense of acceptance and celebrations towards your existence in the remarkable self that you are!

You are beautiful!

You are absolutely Stunning!!!

#darkisbeautiful #womenhood #everybodyisbeautiful

PS: Thank you for the read. Your advice and suggestions are always welcome.

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Author: Shubhangini

Quirky Water Carrier~~ compulsive procrastinator, Dreamer! Lives In Delhi. Generally the quietest in the room "Of Unknown", but can magically turn into Ninja once gets Poked. ***Connect with me on-- Instagram- shubhangini_0216

9 thoughts on “DARK IS BEAUTIFUL!”

  1. people has created a buss about color and caste, ethinicity and much more to keep people speparated and i belive this is created a long ago and the same rulers are still following same footpath..so more than just a personal change ..it’s kind of rulers rule to divide people..


  2. Wow!
    You are absolutely right when you say dark is beautiful. I love the section where you spoke about skin tone and how there are all these pressures to have even skin tone. This is my life because I struggle with discoloration on my face. Black really is beautiful and I’ve learned to love my myself in every way. Great read! 😉

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